Promoting eye care for students in need

Who Are We?

20/20 Vision For All aims to provide access and educate students about the importance of glasses and proper eye care in India. A comprehensive set of eye check-ups are utilized to identify eye issues in students from select underprivileged schools in India. Students at each school are screened on site and based off of prescriptions taken from an autorefractor, glasses are delivered. 

Founder of 20/20 Vision For All

Samyukta "Rosie" Pipada is a high school student from  New Jersey, USA. In the summer of 2018, Pipada independently taught English to many grade school students at Prashanti Vidya Mandir School in Kota, India. After receiving several complaints from students about their inability to see the board, Pipada contacted a local doctor and eye-care company in the Kota area and started 20/20 Vision For All.   


Awards and Recognition


Joint Legislative Resolution

In 2019, 20/20 Vision For All was recognized for its efforts over the past two summers by the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly. The work of the organization became the subject of a Joint Legislative Resolution which highlighted all of the work done by the non-profit since its founding.