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 The impacts of proper eye care extend beyond physical health in the life of a child. It is a known force in the betterment of the educational experience. This program has been designed to address an otherwise neglected facet of health care to ensure growth and success without visual impairment.

There is no cure for blindness, but there are methods of prevention. Low cost, high impact access to basic eye care is a perfect solution to combat an issue that plagues the developing world. Through your support, we can change the lives of hundreds of children.

Plans for the Summer of 2020

20/20 Vision For All plans on expanding the program to other schools in the outskirts of the city of Kota. The program aims to have a total of 1000 students screened (roughly 5 schools) with an estimated 200 to 250 students receiving glasses.

To meet these goal we will have to more than double the scale established from the Summer of 2019. This means that we will need your support for funding this effort and future growth. 


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